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Years of working with data has made both Armin and Ivan -founder and co-owner of Intellacct- try different tools and solutions in their work. Early 2018, they found a great potential in KNIME and started working with it. They joined KNIME Community Forum to learn more and at the same time tried to help out the community solve their problems. Both of them became very active users working out solutions to KNIME users' data science problems. You may already know them as “armingrudd” and “ipazin”. Along with his activities in the forum, Armin started publishing some videos and blog posts to address top demanding solutions he found in KNIME Forum.

After about two years of KNIME activity and working with some organizations, companies and individuals, Armin decided to form a team to work with. He managed to start free KNIME courses to select top learners for continued work. Many individuals from different fields joined his program. Fatemeh, Sajjad and Baharan were hand-picked from the first round followed by Mona, Mehrdad and Roya from the second round. All of them were exceptional learners with great enthusiasm. They come from a broad background and have expertise in various fields like applied mathematics, AI, IT services, market research, electronics and more. The team is also active in KNIME Forum and has been doing great so far.

Late 2020, Armin founded Intellacct in Estonia via e-Residency program. Having a long and successful cooperation in solving community problems made Armin and Ivan interested to become partners. The team could prove its high level of KNIME expertise and became a KNIME Ready partner early 2022.


By delivering top-class products and services, Intellacct aims to become one of the top KNIME partners just like how its members did in KNIME community. Intellacct seeks to enable and empower clients to make the most benefit out of pouring data. To achieve this goal, Intellacct exploits the full featured data science platform -KNIME- and delivers top quality products and services efficiently and effectively.

In addition to their KNIME services, Intellacct is working on a few products to address some data and analytical problems. They also have plans to develop KNIME extensions to extend the functionality of KNIME Analytics Platform even further.


Every team member in Intellacct is a KNIME expert and has various skills in different fields, but learning never ends; they never stop acquiring new skills, and at the same time, they believe in knowledge sharing. Everyone in the team tries to contribute to the community by sharing their knowledge and experience.

This point of view comes to Intellacct’s way of working with clients as well. Uplifting clients to stand on their own feet is Intellacct’s top mission.

Intellacct manages your migration to KNIME, assists you in building data driven products, helps you solve your business problems and trains your citizen data scientists.


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